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Final Thoughts…

2 Jun

Maintaining Revenue In This Changing Industry

Communications is changing drastically.  People using the technology and those working in the communications field will have to be more flexible than ever in the years to come.  Social media is changing the way in which everything is done.  As more people go online or on their phones to gather their news, newspapers and broadcast companies must find new and creative ways to gain revenue.   It’s a time for innovation.  Research shows people spend up to 8 hours a day online.  Advertisers see the trend and want options.  News organizations will benefit hugely when they realize the potential of online revenue.   Websites need to be user friendly.  Those who manage the websites need to use search engine optimization steps to gain the most views possible, and then, the money will come.  Gathering the news and weather online will need to become more of an “experience” for the visitor.  They should be able to get the content they want and at the same time be entertained.  From posting “eye-candy” on the website as side-bars, to creating games that will draw visitors back, online content managers need to always be in tune with the trends.  Then, and only then, will they have the upper edge in this rapidly changing online world.



Calling All The Ron Burgundys…

These are the same strategies that will hook young readers to the website and hopefully, keep them coming back for more.   I think the way in which news is presented will be changing in big ways as well.   People get their news throughout the day–online, on their phones and in blogs.  By the time the newscast is on in the evening, many people have already heard the big stories.  So, to maintain viewers, news is going to have to transform into something we’ve not seen just yet.  It’s going to be a very delicate balance to maintain credibility and still be edgy enough to give the viewers what they want.  I believe news anchors and reporters are going to have to get more intimate with their viewers.  Facebook pages and tweets, will continue to provide a platform to have casual conversation with the people who tune in to watch the news.   Big personality from the folks on the set will play a big role in ratings.  It always has…but I believe going forward, it will mean even more.


Superheroes and Princesses: A Lesson in Animation… and Getting Along

1 Jun






Endless Possibilies

This was a fun project for me to explore.  I have never worked    with animation before and while I am certainly new to this, I can see how addicting and fun this can be.   The possibilies with what one can do with this, if they have all the time in the world, are enless!    Please enjoy this “animation” and the unexplained “bonus” at the beginning:)