Hard To Get The Words Out

26 May


Everyday, as I gather  news of the day, I read about a case of child abuse.  Most days, they are cases that involve children who didn’t survive.  As a mother, some of the abuse is so unimaginable and heart-wrenching, it makes it difficult to even get the words out.  Just last evening, we told our viewers about a Philadelphia mother who killed her 1-year-old twins and tried to poison her 4-year-old  daughter.   Then, we showed the imaged of their little bodies being carried out of their home.  I could hardly get through the story.

It seems to be a hidden epidemic.  We hear about the kids who are abused from day-to-day, but did you have any idea that on average in the United States, we lose about five children a day to the hands of their abuser. According to ChildHelp, an organization that works to bring awareness to the growing problem, the United States has the worst record among industrialized nations.  Every year 3.3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving 6 million children; that’s because reports can include multiple children.  We can’t stop the abuse, but we can keep our eyes wide open.  Too many times, the signs of abuse are staring us right in our face.   We all have the ability to be the voice for a child who has lost theirs.  






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