Get With The Program!

24 May

On Board or Falling Far Behind…

It is certainly not the time for businesses to sit back and watch as the world around them changes.   Everyday, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon, logging on to a social media network.   Enterprises that aren’t recognizing that will fail to exist in the years to come.

Plenty of Businesses Are Logged On

Those who realize the advantages of social networking are reaping the benefits.   The potential for exposure is huge if a business owner educates herself.   People don’t have to look far these days for statistics that show just how much there is to gain by being involved in as many social networks as possible.  For example, according to the folks at Inspirationfeed, about 62 percent of adults across the world use a social network.  And as of 2012, they add, Facebook has about 901 million active users and nearly 138 million unique views each month.  Twitter drawing about 140 million active users while YouTube gets close to 107 million unique visits every month.  A lot of businesses are starting to understand the marketing possibilities, with around 53 percent of small enterprises using social media (Inspirationfeed).  The Companies that are using social media like what they see!


     Business owners are using Facebook pages to put information out about their store, restaurant, or company.   The really smart ones are using Facebook fan pages to get people to “like” them.   The social network provides a space for people to come together who share something in common–they like the business.  Those who like the business may then recommend their friends “like” the business.   Facebook also provides a space for the business to post videos and pictures highlighting some of the things that take place at their establishment.   It can be a place to post menus, products, coupons and more.  The more traffic the Facebook page gets, the more advertisers they can get to tag onto their page.  It all =$$$$$$$.


Twitter is another great way many business are getting the word out about their products.  The difference here is it allows a business to keep followers up to date, at real-time.   For example, a restaurant has an unexpected guest pop into the restaurant and they tweet, #ladygaga just walked through the doors! what a surprise!!!  Another example could be a the owner of a car dealership is at a trade show and tweets, #Lamborghini on show floor in two weeks! (and then attach the picture) Twitter is great because it doesn’t have to be long, but it can certainly get people talking!


    YouTube is just another forum for businesses to show off a product or products.  A small electronics company just starting out can put a “how-to” video on YouTube, and if they’re smart about it, they can gain some serious exposure.  It’s very much about strategy when it comes to marketing on social media.  What is going to be the farthest reaching subject that will effect almost everyone.  Which “how-to” demonstration is likely to get the most views?   The businesses who have this idea down, are the ones who are thriving in this new world in which we live.


Anyone can blog and make money doing it…doing it well, can draw people by the thousands to a site.  Companies, restaurants, merchants, and so on, can blog till their heart’s content.  There’s no space limitations.  Through RSS Feeds, businesses have a huge opportunity for exposure.  By finding a niche, and a person who can generate relevant, and informative content on a daily basis, many businesses are expanding.  Blogs, as well as the other social media networks also provide an opportunity for feedback.  If handled well, this is another opportunity for businesses to be embraced by their communities.

There are a lot of Enterprises embracing these new times and they are the ones who will thrive in the years to come.  For fun… here’s a link to the top 5 businesses who are kicking butt in the social networking department!

Top Five Companies Using Social Media



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