Interest in Pinterest?

21 May



Take the plunge! 

Pinterest, in my opinion, stands out among the other social networks…especially among college students.   Facebook and Twitter are popular…but how many students are really checking out Shippensburg’s Facebook page on a daily basis?  They go to their personal pages of course.  There are about 9,000 people following the University on Facebook and it did not appear to have much back-and-forth posts among students.   Pinterest  is a network that provides an opportunity to connect on a huge variety of interests.   And there are some really cool topics the University could pin.


Show off your school spirit!

What I really love about Pinterest is it seems to show off school spirit and I think it’s a great way for alumni to get involved too!   The pins that I saw are so varied and are sure to attract every student as long as the University chooses the right topics.

Flashback, girly game-day, campus eats–I would imagine these would be topics that generate interest simply because they are fun and “relevant” to college students.   Decorating a dorm room, checking out team logo options, and 100 things to do before graduation–more topics that I would think college students would really get into.

The numbers tell all.  

Pinterest is generating more visits than Twitter and I think the numbers will only grow.  Why not jump on board.  At the very least, I think Shippensburg University should allow interns or graduate assistants to try to get the ball rolling.   It wouldn’t cost the University much at all and if this is where the trends are going, why not get ahead!


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