Anything at all..

21 May

The Nerdist, The Mighty Mommy, The Storynory oh my!

Which to choose… which to choose?  First of all, I had no idea the vast array of subjects one could find in a podcast.






I’m impressed with the selection!   I decided to check out the Nerdist Podcast with Tina Fey because I am a fan of Tina Fey.  The guy behind the podcast is actor Chris Hardwick.

He joins two of his friends every week to talk about just about anything.  On this week he ditched his friends   because he landed Tina Fey.  It was a one hour interview with Fey along with a quick “shout-out” to a sponsor off the top and some music bumps.

Not overly impressed

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I found myself absolutely struggling to get through the whole hour.   Tina Fey is a funny gal, yet this Chris Hardwick guy  just wasn’t that good.  Technically speaking, the audio on the podcast sounded hollow….just wasn’t great quality.  I thought Chris could have used some funny clips of Tina Fey “doing her thing.”  He referenced some of her work on Saturday Night Live and on 30 Rock and I just think it would have added to the podcast tremendously if he had a few clips to reference.  For someone who never saw her on those shows, they wouldn’t have a clue what the two of them were talking about. Although, I guess people who never saw her really wouldn’t be checking out this podcast.   The content was just so-so.  Chris asked Tina about being a working Mommy and about what it’s like being able to write for 30 Rock.  I found her answers interesting.  On the subject of leaving SNL after her daughter was born she said, “I felt like a senior, the time had come, I just wanted to be home with my kids.”  She added that the time was short lived, as she’s back to work, now at 30 Rock.

Moments of enjoyment

When the podcast first began I had some hope that it would be good.  Chris seemed like he’d be offering some good comedy.  He joked around about being late to the interview for Tina Fey, saying he ran in at the last minute, all sweaty.   The format was very loose. He seemed like he was just chatting with you.  Unfortunately, the chat became pretty boring, pretty quickly.  I found it interesting when they began to talk about one of Tina’s appearances on Catherine O’Hara’s late night show.  They talked about how people were encouraged to bring their dirtiest material.  Tina said she had come up with something that was so funny but she could never “clean it up” enough to make it okay for broadcast.   They got into some details about the skit–pretty much playing it out.  This was a reminder to me that there is little censorship when it comes to podcasting.   Chris did put some music bumps into the podcast which jazzed it up a little…but it needed, in my opinion, much more than music.   He said at the end of his podcast I hope everyone enjoyed today’s talk, and if you didn’t, I’m sure you’ll post it.   That’s another thing about podcasting–you definitely open yourself up to feedback, whether you like it or not.


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